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Re: Question to all Candidates: we want more, aren't we?

On Thu, Apr 01, 2010 at 03:00:29PM -0300, Margarita Manterola wrote:

> I do not think it's part of the DPL responsibilities.  I do
> think that it's something that Debian needs and that doing it
> with the DPL hat on is going to make it easier, it's not a
> requirement (most stuff that DPL candidates list as stuff
> they'd like to do, do not *require* being DPL, but it helps)

 IMO many people, including myself and other DPL candidates,
 agree with you regarding that this is something that Debian
 would benefit from.  And as you point out, you don't need DPL
 status to do it.

 You say it would be easier if you were DPL.  Why do you think
 this is the case?

 Put in a different perspective, of the things you mention,
 what's harder to do (and why) if you don't have DPL status?

 The questions are not purely rethorical: I do believe you are
 identifying a larger and more complex issue within Debian, one
 where there's — from my POV — no agreement about whether or not
 it is an actual *problem* in the organization and if it is, what
 the solution looks like.

 (and yes, you could argue that I'm bordering on the question of
 what do we need a DPL for, but I don't really want to go there)

 If we agree that these tasks do not need DPL status, and if you
 are *not* elected DPL, will you try to push forward the things
 you mention?

> * Have a constant contest of bug-fixer-of-the-month and
> bug-reporter-of-the-month.  This means listing people and the
> bugs they fixed and/or reported (I consider reporting GOOD bugs
> a very important task for a good release).  If possible, give
> the winners of each month some prize (t-shirt, mug, etc), if
> not possible, at least list them in a hall of fame page.

 Just for the record, I think this is a very slippery slope.



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