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Re: Question to all candidates: DPL's role in important package maintenance

Dear Charles,

On Thu, Apr 01, 2010 at 09:23:25AM +0900, Charles Plessy wrote:
> for the moment, you have taken the way of the Technical Comitee, and this does
> not require the intervention of the DPL. Asking the TC to solve a disagreement
> between two parties should be the occasion to write down the problem in a clear
> and concise way. In the case of Python, I think that it is really problematic
> that the maintainer did not give his point of view in public yet; I hope that
> it is only a question of time. Without interfering with the TC, as a DPL I
> would ask to the python's maintainer to explain himself on our mailing lists
> (this can be as simple as CCing the summary he has to send to the TC), and in
> return would make sure that he will not him regret this concession, by discuss
> in preliminary with the listmasters about the possiblity of limiting or
> delaying messages in case of a momentary lapse of self-control (the big red
> button that I proposed in another email).
> More in general, the DPL could be proactive. When a package or a service
> becomes very popular and interdependant with the rest, I would contact the
> responsible person or team and propose them to become more formal via a DPL
> delegation.

Thank you for sharing your opinion on this issue.

>    What is the status of Linux' Unicode implementation. Will Linux
>    be prepared for the first contact?

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		-- Alan Cox on linux-kernel

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