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Re: Question to all candidates: DPL's role in important package maintenance

Le Sat, Mar 27, 2010 at 06:27:00PM -0500, Kumar Appaiah a écrit :
> My question to you is, do you envision a role for the DPL in fixing
> such inadequate maintenance of important packages.

Hello Kumar,

for the moment, you have taken the way of the Technical Comitee, and this does
not require the intervention of the DPL. Asking the TC to solve a disagreement
between two parties should be the occasion to write down the problem in a clear
and concise way. In the case of Python, I think that it is really problematic
that the maintainer did not give his point of view in public yet; I hope that
it is only a question of time. Without interfering with the TC, as a DPL I
would ask to the python's maintainer to explain himself on our mailing lists
(this can be as simple as CCing the summary he has to send to the TC), and in
return would make sure that he will not him regret this concession, by discuss
in preliminary with the listmasters about the possiblity of limiting or
delaying messages in case of a momentary lapse of self-control (the big red
button that I proposed in another email).

More in general, the DPL could be proactive. When a package or a service
becomes very popular and interdependant with the rest, I would contact the
responsible person or team and propose them to become more formal via a DPL

Have a nice day,


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