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Re: Question to all candidates: DPL's role in important package maintenance

On Thu, Apr 01, 2010 at 02:57:59AM +0200, Wouter Verhelst wrote:
> > One of the questions which I've not yet seen exactly in the
> > discussions is on the transparency in the maintenance of non-core but
> > "important" packages, such as python, wherein the maintenance of the
> > package and policy (till a short while ago) has been, poor at best,
> > and we've had near zero communication from the maintainer(s) for over
> > a year. This has led some parts of the "community" (Debian Python, in
> > this case) to knock the doors of the tech-ctte[1] (recommended
> > reading, unless you have done so already).
> I don't wish to comment on the specific case of python packaging.
> There's been lots of things going on there, and though some of it was in
> public, the thread you point to clearly states that some things were not
> discussed in public, but were instead only done through private mail
> between some of the people involved. As such, it's impossible for me to
> build a clear picture on what has been going on, which would be a
> prerequisite for commenting on this.

Isn't this, by itself, a problem? Shouldn't it be very easy to find
out what the discussions were, rather than have to ask those who
discussed behind closed doors as to wha t the current situation is? I
wish to draw your attention more towards this issue, rather than the
particular case of python packaging.

> > My question to you is, do you envision a role for the DPL in fixing
> > such inadequate maintenance of important packages, or are you of the
> > opinion that is it up to the affected Debian "community" to stop
> > whining and step up with some action themselves?
> In the general case, I believe that when there are issues with important
> packages involving technical and social difficulties that apparently
> cannot be solved easily by the people involved, it is indeed the DPL's
> duty to step in and discuss the problems at hand in as open a manner as
> possible with all people involved, and to try to come to a solution.
> This may not be easy, and a solution that makes all people involved
> happy may be impossible. Such is life. But if such an option exists, we
> should seek it.

Thank you for this opinion.

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