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Re: Question to all the candidates: communication

[ You've just won my prize for the most unexpected -vote question. ]

On Sun, Mar 14, 2010 at 10:17:06AM +0700, Paul Wise wrote:
> Which project and external Debian-related communications media do you
> follow? and contribute to? As well as a general list I'm interested in
> specific lists (for eg #debian, #debian-devel, debian-devel@l.d.o,
> debian-project@l.d.o, the Hardware forum on forums.d.n etc).


So, let's skip the lists specific to tech topics, as most of us I follow
one of them for each of my Debian technical activity and/or packaging
team (e.g. -ocaml-maint, -python, -devscripts [on alioth], etc.)
Regarding lists about the project as a whole I follow daily -devel,
-project, -vote (especially these days :-)), -newmaint, -qa, -private. I
contribute regularly to most of them.

To stay informed with what goes on in the project I follow planet.d.o,
Debian News (which has de facto resurrected DWN, an amazing
achievement!), various announcements ML (d-d-a, -events-eu), and a bunch
of Debian folks on identi.ca.  I post on planet.d.o quite regularly, I'd
say about once per week on average. Recently I've started microblogging
on identi.ca. Finally, I'm on a couple of cross-distro mailing lists
which I found amazing to advertise some of our worth sharing initiatives
(e.g. pushing for our Patch Tagging Guidelines on the
distribution@freedesktop ML).

On IRC I basically mimic the MLs I follow: #-devel, #-qa, #-python,
#-newmaint, etc. However, I'm mostly idle on IRC and tend to get
"activated" only by explicit queries or needs of mine.

I don't follow any Debian forum and I'm not on any user support IRC


> How do you see those two lists changing if you become DPL?

As I declared in my platform last year, if elected I intend to step back
from my other Debian activities (which in most case already have
efficient teams even without me). Consequently, I'll decrease my
activities in the corresponding tech communication channels (ML/IRC).

Regarding project-wide ML, I'm already following most of them, but I
believe it would be important to participate in lists which concern our
communication (e.g. a bit more of -events* list, -publicity, and the

> Which of these communications media do you feel is important for the
> DPL to read?

All lists which are somehow project-wide should be followed by the DPL.

With infinite time available, the DPL should also follow all other
lists, but that's clearly impossible. To close the gap between that
optimum and reality, if elected I will be clear about what I regularly
follow and on what, OTOH, I will welcome explicit pings on DPL-relevant
threads (ideally, all the rest).

> Please breifly comment on how you see Debian's relationship with some
> of these media.

Not sure what you're asking here ..., can you be more precise?

> Do you feel any of these media have been misused by Debian people
> (DDs/non-DDs alike)? If so, what action would you take if you become
> DPL?

I don't think countering media abuse is something the DPL should do.
While I'm not sure what is the status for our IRC channels, for mailing
list we have list masters that in case of abuses can already apply
standard countermeasures such as per-person moderation.

I notice however that in most cases, what contributes to make "not fun"
following some of our medias does not really qualify as abuse. It is
rather a matter of good habits among co-workers and a culture of mutual
respect. We have a separate question on this topic already, I'll
elaborate on the subject there.

> Do you feel the general tone and perception of Debian is positive on
> the media that you follow? What action would you take to improve these
> if you become DPL?

In the above, we've mostly discussed internal communication media, so
the perception of Debian is generally positive as participants _are_
Debian. The needed improvements fallback again to the "heated
discussion" thread.

The few exceptions to internal communication I've mentioned are the
cross-distro mailing lists. There (to be exact I've in mind the vcs-pkg
and the distro@freedesktop lists) the climate among all participants
have always been respectful and I don't have specific reasons to believe
the perception of Debian is not positive.


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