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Question to all the candidates: communication

Dear candidates,

Debian has a lot of project communications media; lists, forums, IRC,
planet, bts, RT. There are also a lot of external communications media
covering Debian; news media, , social networks, blogs, microblogging
sites & non-IRC chat, video sites and so on.

Which project and external Debian-related communications media do you
follow? and contribute to? As well as a general list I'm interested in
specific lists (for eg #debian, #debian-devel, debian-devel@l.d.o,
debian-project@l.d.o, the Hardware forum on forums.d.n etc).

How do you see those two lists changing if you become DPL?

Which of these communications media do you feel is important for the
DPL to read?

Please breifly comment on how you see Debian's relationship with some
of these media.

Do you feel any of these media have been misused by Debian people
(DDs/non-DDs alike)? If so, what action would you take if you become

Do you feel the general tone and perception of Debian is positive on
the media that you follow? What action would you take to improve these
if you become DPL?



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