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Re: Question to all the candidates: communication

On Sun, Mar 14, 2010 at 2:16 PM, Raphael Geissert <geissert@debian.org> wrote:

> How, how often, and when do you intend to communicate with the project?
> (please continue reading to understand the context)
> In the past there have been "Bits from the DPL" emails which have been nice,
> but during the last couple of years there have also been some press
> interviews to the DPL and statements made which have come as a surprise to
> everybody. What do _you_ plan to do?

The DPL is elected to lead the developers, not to decide stuff on
their own and have the developers live with it.  As such, I think that
a DPL that takes decisions without consulting with the developer body,
or at least with the teams most affected by those decisions, makes
very little sense.

I don't intend to take arbitrary decisions without consulting with the
relevant people.  I don't intend to inform the press about stuff I
decided on my own or without the developer body consensus.  I do
intend to communicate as much as possible, trying to do the "Bits from
the DPL" when there's enough info for that, or at least by blog posts.

I am concerned that by talking to former DPLs or people who were in
close contact with them, communication tends to become quite a burden
and for the common developers it's never enough.  That's why I've been
thinking about the RT usage, and if there's something else that could
be done to ease the communication with the developer community, I'm
willing to try that as well.


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