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Re: Question to all the candidates: communication

On Sun, Mar 14, 2010 at 12:17 AM, Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org> wrote:

> Which project and external Debian-related communications media do you
> follow? and contribute to? As well as a general list I'm interested in
> specific lists (for eg #debian, #debian-devel, debian-devel@l.d.o,
> debian-project@l.d.o, the Hardware forum on forums.d.n etc).

I generally follow quite a number of lists in Debian, -project,
-devel, -boot, -release, -women, -vote, -mentors, -newmaint, -policy,
-qa, -announce, -devel-announce.  I don't always read all the mails in
the lists, obviously, but I try to keep up with anything important
that is going on.  I'm usually in #debian-devel, #debian-release,
#debian-women, #debian-ar and #debconf-team. I also read Planet
Debian, I have a blog there but it's currently underused.

I'm also subscribed to the -bugs-dist list, although I use it mostly
for searching bugs and related mails.

I don't twitter, and I don't usually read any microblogs, nor do I use
facebook.  I don't plan to change this.

> How do you see those two lists changing if you become DPL?

I do plan to blog more, as well as post "Bits from the DPL" on -devel-announce.

> Which of these communications media do you feel is important for the
> DPL to read?

I think that it's important that the DPL keeps up with what's going on
in Debian, but it's not possible to read all the Debian lists.  That's
one of the things that I miss the most about DWN: it allowed us to be
updated on anything interesting happening on the mailing lists,
without having to read all of them.  In any case, -devel and -project
are obviously a must. For the rest, I think that anything important
that requires the DPL attention would be CC'd or forwarded to

I've been told that a lot of the DPL's time is spent reading /
replying to leader@d.o mails.  I've been thinking about this and
pondering whether it would be a good idea to try to direct more of
those mails to RT instead of the leader's inbox, so that DDs can keep
track of what's being done about their requests, as long as they are
not private, of course.

> Please breifly comment on how you see Debian's relationship with some
> of these media.

I'm not sure of what's being asked here. Which of the mentioned media
are "these media" here?  Because obviously it's not the same
relationship with official Debian lists than with microblogging

> Do you feel any of these media have been misused by Debian people
> (DDs/non-DDs alike)? If so, what action would you take if you become
> DPL?

Again, I'm not sure which are "these media" in this case.  In any
case, apart from the aggression level discussed in another answer, I
don't think there's a level of misuse that we should worry about.

> Do you feel the general tone and perception of Debian is positive on
> the media that you follow? What action would you take to improve these
> if you become DPL?

For a lot of people outside Debian, Debian is seen as "difficult" from
the user point of view, and "aggressive" from the to-be-contributor
point of view.  I do plan to take action on both of this aspects if I
become DPL.  By doing a campaign with the message that Debian is not
harder than other GNU/Linux distributions, and by doing events as the
one commented on another answer for encouraging contributions.


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