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Re: Question to all the candidates: time

On Sat, Mar 13, 2010 at 12:56:17PM +0700, Paul Wise wrote:
> #include <stdtimequestion.h>

Eh :-)

> How much time do you currently devote to Debian? How will that amount
> of time change for the DPL term? How will you balance your DPL time
> and time for other Debian activities.

In the last few years, I've been able to devote quite some time to
Debian (as I believe it's evident from how much I've bothered planet.d.o
readers with my RCBW posts and the like). I'm not really sure I can
quantify it, but gun-pointed I'd say it is something like from 1 to 2
hours a day + 2 to 4 hours a week-end. Such time is currently scattered
among my various Debian activities (RCBW, OCaml package maintenance,
routine PTS maintenance and other QA tasks, python-debian/devscripts
hacking, ... in decreasing order of relevance +, of course, following
several mailing lists, including -devel).

I'm currently able to devote such (much) time to Debian mainly because
of luck: I work as a researched in a research project on FOSS
distributions [1] and inside the project contributing to Debian is a
respected activity. Soon I'll join a research center specifically
targeted at research on and round FOSS topics [2] and I don't see that
changing. Additionally, my boss is quite FOSS-sensitive and I've
discussed with him the potential scenario of my election. In that case,
I'll be allowed to take extra time for DPL tasks. Again, it is hard to
evaluate, but it can be something like 1 day/week for DPL tasks + trips
to conferences and the like.
Additionally, if elected, I will divert all my current Debian activity
to DPL activities. I've carefully evaluated the impact of my temporary
"departure" from my current Debian tasks, and I'm not worried they will
remain significantly unattended. I won't bother you with details (unless
you really want), but in most cases I'm part of active teams, what
remains out are just a handful of packages which will get orphaned or at
least RFH-ed.


[1] http://www.mancoosi.org
[2] http://www.cirill.org

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