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Re: Devotee Improvements (Re: Debian Project Leader Election 2009 Results)


        The  current devotee package is far too wedded to the Debian way
 of doing things to be useful as a package. It is far too inglexible,
 and things have ben h a r d   c o d e d.

        I have a devotee-ng in a rewrite now, that is far more modular,
 and, critically, composable -- so the end user creates their vote
 script (essentially, equivalent to the dvt-cron script of today) by
 specifying what components they want to use (a spooler, to live in
 .forward, or not, in case they want to use a web front end, which mime
 exploder, which gpg checker, if any, whether or not to use ldap,
 notification modules, tally modules, display units -- so one may mix
 and match plugins.

        I think that is likely to be usable enough to actually package,
 as opposed to what I wrote under the gun during the 2002 DPL election
 (yes, the election started before devotee  was actually written)

        So, I think any efforts to package the current devotee code are
 a bit of a waste of time, but I won't stop people from doing so.

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