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Re: Debian Project Leader Election 2009 Results

On Mon, Apr 13, 2009 at 01:01:38AM +0200, Luigi Gangitano wrote:
> Hi Kurt,
> can you please report on issue in the voting software that prevented  
> some ballots to be processed? I sent my vote twince on April 9 and April 
> 11 and got the following answer back:

Hi Luigi,

I wish you contacted me about this before so that we could find a
solution to get your vote counted.

Looking at the mail that was received, I can properly verify your
mail using mutt.  It seems that devotee does not properly handle it.
It seems to have to same effect as not undoing the quoted-printable

I will atleast contact devotee's author to see if we can atleast
fix this for future votes.  He will probably want to see a signed
message by your mail program.  Since this is a secret vote, I
think it's best to just send a new signed message.


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