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Re: [Amendment] Reaffirm current requirements for GR sponsoring

Steve Langasek wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 26, 2009 at 02:12:17AM +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
>> Getting seconds is not a vote. It's a low-level check that there is
>> minimum support for an opinion.
> It's also the most reliable way for a developer to issue a statement of
> support that will be seen by voters prior to the vote.  Many voters
> don't follow debian-vote and won't follow the pro/con discussions in
> detail, but the debian-devel-announce mail links to the vote.d.o webpage
> that lists all the seconds right next to the amendment text.

Are you promoting the practice of voting by "I haven't got a clue what 
this vote is about, but my friend X is supporting option C so I'll vote 
for that" here? I know it happens, but I'd prefer to make that harder 
rather than facilitating it.
IMHO the only thing that's important is _that_ a proposal got sufficient 
seconds, not _who_ seconded it. (Of course the secretary should be able 
to show this, but that's covered.)

However, there are variations possible. For example:
- during the period before the vote opens: register all seconds, but only
  publish whether or not the number required has been reached;
- when the vote is opened: list the complete list of seconders as now.

That would still help get cleaner discussion threads and reduces any 
skewing of the vote by a group of DDs boosting a particular option by all 
sending in their seconds at that point.

Personally I really do find otherwise empty seconds on the list 
distracting. I'd much rather see people actually contributing to the 
discussion by explaining their rationale and keep the seconds separate.

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