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[Amendment] Reaffirm current requirements for GR sponsoring


I am hereby proposing the amendment below to the general resolution
entitled "Enhance requirements for General resolutions".

General Resolutions are an important framework within the Debian
Project. While over those years, some problems have arised during the
discussion and/or voting of some resolutions, there is no evidence that
changing the number of sponsors (seconds) for GR proposals or amendments
will help solve those problems.  Instead, by making it harder to propose
general resolutions or amendments, it might make it harder to improve
imperfect resolutions, or to add valuable options to a ballot.

Therefore the Debian project reaffirms the current requirements for the
sponsoring (seconding) of GR proposals or amendments, and for overruling
of delegates.

This is an attempt to provide a rather neutral "keep things as is"
option. I believe that we need to provide basic information about why we
are voting this, hence the first paragraph, which, I hope, is vague
enough ("might", etc) not to prevent anyone from sponsoring or voting
for this option.

I hope that Bill Allombert will rescind his own amendment. If he chooses
to keep it, I might rescind this one instead (we don't need two "keep
things as is" options on the ballot).

Also, it would be great if the title of the GR was "enhanced" with
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