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Re: Question for DPL Candidates: sponsorship of Debian development by companies?

On 21/03/09 at 02:34 +0000, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> >Zack wrote that no one already contributing to Debian should be
> >authorized to pick bounties offered by Debian directly. Would you
> >encourage a similar position for bounties offered as part of the Google
> >Summer of Code, for example?
> No. Who is picked in the end should depend on the terms of the scheme
> involved and on the quality of the particular projects. In the
> specific example of the GSoC, I'm much more interested in the
> likelihood of the student project to succeed than in who the student
> is.

That's interesting, especially with your role of GSOC admin for Debian.

Let's imagine that a random company contacted you (as DPL) and said:
"I'll give you enough money to pay 10 DDs during 2 months to work on
Debian ; you are free to choose who gets the jobs, and what people will
work on". 
It's not totally unrealistic: it's what Google does with GSOC (except
that they impose that those who get the job are students, and that they
reserve the right to reject specific projects/students).

What would be your position?
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