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Question for DPL Candidates: sponsorship of Debian development by companies?

On 20/03/09 at 11:50 +0100, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> Other potential usages of Debian moneys are bounties, to which I'm not
> opposed in principle. However, they should obey to very specific
> rules. The first one is that no one already contributing to Debian
> should be authorized to pick them up (no dunc-tank 2). The second one
> is that they should be used only for tasks that we have a history of
> not being able to fulfill by ourselves, and that are considered
> blocking for some needed Project improvements. No matter how people
> can get emotional about this, this would be way better that let money
> rot in our bank accounts; money that people who love us have given us
> to improve what we do.

This raises the question of bounties sponsored by companies to do Debian
development. Of course, the DPL can't prevent companies from offering
money to do Debian work. However, as a DPL (or 2IC), will you actively
seek such sponsorship, or help companies propose such sponsorship? Under
which policies (e.g restriction on who can apply)?

Zack wrote that no one already contributing to Debian should be
authorized to pick bounties offered by Debian directly. Would you
encourage a similar position for bounties offered as part of the Google
Summer of Code, for example?
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