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Re: Bundled votes and the secretary

Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org> wrote:


I'll echo Raphael's feelings about that ballot; it feels strange and
voting on that one is going to be a mess. There are definitely some
options that should be split into another vote.

>> [   ] Choice 2: Allow Lenny to release with proprietary firmware [3:1]
> We're not changing the DFSG. So there's no need for 3:1.

We're overriding it, so it requires 3:1, and it was the same for the
waiver for Etch.

>> [   ] Choice 3: Allow Lenny to release with DFSG violations [3:1]
> I followed the discussions but I don't even know why we have this
> alternative which looks like the same than 2.

It's not the same; it's broader. Option 2 only deals with firmware,
whereas this option is a waiver for all the DFSG violations.


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