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Re: [vote_002] Preparation of the ballot.

On 27/11/08 at 10:19 +0900, Charles Plessy wrote:
> The discussion period ended, and as there was actually no discussion taking
> place, I think it would be appropriate to call for the vote soon.
> The ballot could list the proposal and its two amendments as on the web page,
> and offer the following choices:
> [   ] Choice 1: Invite the DAM and all the contributors to further develop their ideas.

This one is really tricky to summarize properly.
what about s/develop/discuss/? 'develop' is a bit ambiguous here.

> [   ] Choice 2: Ask the DAMs to postpone the changes.

Ask the DAMs to postpone the changes until vote/consensus. ?

> [   ] Choice 3: Ask the DAMs to implement the changes.
> [   ] Choice 4: Further discussion.
> I welcome any feedback, but would in particular like to read from Peter and
> Lucas before calling for a vote. Also, I do not know how the choices should be
> ordered (randomised?) and of course leave the decision to Neil.
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