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Re: Proposed wording for the SC modification

Ean Schuessler wrote:
> So it would be legitimate to distribute an install image for Windows
> Mobile cellular phones as a package in main? After all, its "firmware".
> The device won't be running Debian. It will almost certainly have a
> different architecture than the desktop. Lots of people have cell phones
> so it will definitely be popular. Can you see any criteria that I'm
> missing here?

Ean, with all due respect, but I find your contributions to this 
discussion way below par as apparently you can't even be bothered to read 
the proposals under discussion.

We are NOT discussing a blanket waiver of all DFSG or SC criteria for 
firmware. The only criterium that is considered for being waived in any 
practical sense is the one that requires source to be available for the 

So, given that we are just for example extremely unlikely to have the 
right to redistribute Windows Mobile, the answer to your question is a 
clear and totally undisputed by anyone NO. I would guess that including 
Windows Mobile would also violate several other of our principles that 
are not under discussion. So please take your pick.

Now that that's been cleared up, can you please either keep your fingers 
off the keyboard for the remainder of this discussion period, or else 
start contributing to the discussion in an intelligent fashion? We 
already know what your position on the issue is, so there's really no 
need to keep repeating it (the same goes for some others BTW).


P.S. Please fix your mails. You are both breaking threads and CCing people 
that have not asked to be CCed.

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