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Re: Proposed wording for the SC modification

On Mon, Nov 17 2008, Adeodato Simó wrote:

> * Josselin Mouette [Mon, 17 Nov 2008 14:38:43 +0100]:
>> Le lundi 17 novembre 2008 à 14:05 +0100, Peter Palfrader a écrit :
>> > This is not part of my GR as proposed and seconded.
>> The Secretary made it clear that if your proposal wins, the SC *will* be
>> amended.
>> Therefore I think we should decide on a new wording before the vote
>> instead of letting someone else decide on it.
> Can the SC be modified without a second vote?

        I don't see why we need a second 3:1 vote on a foundation
 document after having a 3:1 vote that supersedes part of it.

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