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Re: Discussion: granting discretion to release team

On Sun, Nov 16, 2008 at 11:36:32PM +0000, Frans Pop wrote:
> My very strong opinion is that it is part of the job of being a release 
> manager to *actively* bring things that can be expected to be important 
> or controversial to project members to their attention and, if needed, 
> discuss such things _before_ they are done.
> And for me that includes setting ignore tags on BRs that involve DFSG 
> violations

I didn't expect the matter to be controversial, since there was two
votes in that direction before. And to be frank, I don't think there is
much discussion on the lenny-ignore bits, I really expect the project
will endorse our choice.

On the other hand, there have been a couple of very loud people on the
subject, that don't really care about the lenny-ignore-or-not issue, but
rather care about the firmware issue at large.  Most of what I've seen
are people using that pretext to start their favourite firmware-related
flame throwers.

TTBOMK #211765 or #368559 or #382175 sarge, etch and lenny-ignore tags
have never been discussed publicly and are DFSG violations as well. And
I've seen no one disagree with those choices yet.

Oh and unlike you, I believe it's the responsibility of every QA Team
Member (IOW every DD) to watch the RC bug list during a freeze.
Lenny-ignore bugs are not removed from that list, they just don't count
for Britney. Probably not everyone watches it.  But I *know* for sure
that many people _outside_ the release team watch it, and will happily
trigger a discussion if we badly screw up. The bug reporters see the
tags, those people see the changes, and can argue about them.  That's
exactly why the discussion started in the first place, and unlike you
(or other people) I don't read that as a failure of the release team,
but a success of our feedback mechanisms.

I'm perfectly fine with Delegates taking decisions without prior
consultation of everyone, if that follows consensus. I'm also fine with
Delegates taking crappy decisions because they're just human and make
honnest mistakes, when they realize those are mistakes and don't
obstinately try to impose a decision that is after all not making
consensus at all. So far, I don't believe the Release Team failed those
principles, and a vote will just decide that once for all.

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