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Re: Discussion: granting discretion to release team

On Monday 17 November 2008, Pierre Habouzit wrote:
> I would welcome a more permanent answer to the firmware question,
> really, I'm not really pleased with the trolls that arise on the
> subject prior to every release.

I completely agree with that.

> [0] http://bugs.debian.org/tag:lenny-ignore
>     my point with this URL, is that lenny-ignore tags are highly
>     visible and traceable. It's not an intent of the release team to
>     rub things under the carpet.

I did not say it was your intention to rub things under the carpet, and 
you will never hear me say so. But the fact that things can be found if 
you go look for them, does not mean they are visible.

My point is that most people will never see such lists as they just don't 
go looking for them. And they should not have to.

My very strong opinion is that it is part of the job of being a release 
manager to *actively* bring things that can be expected to be important 
or controversial to project members to their attention and, if needed, 
discuss such things _before_ they are done.
And for me that includes setting ignore tags on BRs that involve DFSG 
violations and removals of anything other that totally obvious 
unmaintained fringe packages.

In most cases a simple mail "for the following reasons we are considering 
to [...]" to d-devel would be more than sufficient to check if there is 
any real issue with a planned action. Just allow a few days or a week for 


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