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Re: call for seconds: on firmware

On Sun, Nov 16 2008, Josselin Mouette wrote:

> Le dimanche 16 novembre 2008 à 10:04 -0600, Manoj Srivastava a écrit :
>> >>    ii Do we allow the Release Team to ignore SC violation bugs:  Yes
>> >
>> > Rationale: with "further discussion" nothing changes. Today RMs are
>> > empowered, by delegation, to decide upon transitions and
>> > "lenny-ignore" tags. It will be the same tomorrow if "further
>> > discussion" wins.
>>         What they are not empowered to do is to decide to release with
>>  DFSG violations in main. 
> Sorry? The release team is empowered to release, and that includes
> releasing with some known RC bugs. That’s what they’ve been doing –
> including with DFSG-freeness RC bugs – since I have known this project.

> The Social Contract doesn’t say anything about stable releases, nor
> about the release team. The interpretation that the release team is
> somehow special is your own.

        The social contract says that the debian system and all its
 components will be 100% free, free as determined by the dfsg. DFSG says
 that free means source code. The constitution says that superseding a
 foundation document needs a 3:1 majority vote, not a handful of people.

        Downgrading reports of SC violation to ignore and releasing
 that seems like a weaselly end run around promises we made just for
 convenience, I am sure that the RMs are not going to stoop to that.

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