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Re: Call for seconds: Resolving DFSG violations

[Robert Millan]
> +	<p>
> +	  When ever a package in Debian is found to have been violating the
> +	  Debian Free Software Guidelines</cite></q> for 60 days or more, and
> +	  none of the solutions that have been implemented (if any) is considered
> +	  suitable by the maintainers, the package must be moved from Debian
> +	  ("main" suite) to the Non-free repository ("non-free" suite).
> +	</p>

It seems pretty impractical to allow the release of lenny, as some of
the options do, yet force/authorize somebody to immediately, upon
lenny's release, fix the linux-2.6 situation _in lenny_.  Since of
course we've known about linux-2.6 for far longer than 60 (or 180)

For that matter, some of these options have the curious effect of
allowing the lenny release while simultaneously authorizing developers
to fix the etch and sarge kernels.  Not that that part is enforceable,
I'm pretty sure the RMs wouldn't actually allow that to happen.

Now if you change the wording to exempt our published releases from
this entire process, so that it applies only to unstable and testing,
it would be a lot easier to support.
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