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Re: Call for seconds: Resolving DFSG violations

Robert Millan wrote:
> I hereby propose the following General Resolution to stablish a procedure
> for resolving DFSG violations:

I believe that the Debian project is way better off without this
General Resolution and with the rules and social contract as they are
to date.  Even worse, I have the strong feeling that the options
proposed will hurt the Debian project, delay lenny and future
releases.  It should not be voted on.

DFSG-nonfreeness is currently some sort of a grey zone which allows us
to release lenny at all.  We should all know (at least by know) that
we still have some skeletons in the closet and we all know that we
need to work on fixing these problems.  We should work on fixing these
problems with upstream instead of continueing this discussion.



Life is too short to run proprietary software.  -- Bdale Garbee

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