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Re: Proposed amendment: Resolving DFSG violations

Le dimanche 26 octobre 2008 à 15:17 +0100, Robert Millan a écrit :
> For those who didn't get Josselin's witty remark, this happens because I dared
> to complain that my words were being missrepresented by Steve Langasek on IRC,
> pretending that I said something I never did.

No, this happens because you said something stupid. I don’t follow the
IRC channel in which this was said.

>   21:22 < vorlon> oh yes, that's right, *sending chocolate* makes us look like a bunch of clowns
>   21:34 < nyu> vorlon: don't put words in my mouth, thanks
>   21:35 < vorlon> nyu: what should I put in your mouth?

I think he should put cookies in your mouth. But only if you fix a RC

> Let this serve as a warning for anyone who dares to complain that mr Langasek
> is defamating him.

Sorry, but I think if Steve wants to make fun of you, he doesn’t need my

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