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Re: please comment on the draft (last call)

On Thu, Oct 23 2008, Robert Millan wrote:

> Hi,
> I haven't seen any reply requesting specific adjustments to the draft;  some
> of the replies objecting to the proposal as a whole hinted at specific
> improvements, but nobody wanted to followup on these:
>   - Change the exceptions so that it also covers Glibc and possibly other
>     components, instead of just firmware.

        This can be yet another proposal on the ballot. One proposal for
 just kernel blobs, another one for glibc + kernel blobs.  Gives people

>   - Make it explicit that moving a package to non-free as a result of the
>     rules stablished by this GR does not imply that the whole archive must
>     inmediately move to contrib (note: the current SC doesn't enforce
>     moving packages to contrib, but it is generally considered a technical
>     bug when main is not self-contained).

        I am not so sure of that.  We can at least put in
 kernel-image-libre packages based on Ben Hutchings work to prevetnt
 that, at any rate, if it comes to that.

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