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Re: Q: Small tasks best on the fly? was: Q: All: Account creation latency

Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org> wrote:
> On Mon, 17 Mar 2008, MJ Ray wrote:
> > Where is this well known?  I thought opinion was divided. [...]
> I must admit that I've read some "Getting Things Done" related literature
> and that this organization method usually suggests to do small tasks on the
> fly instead of putting them in a TODO list as putting them in TODO list
> takes almost as much time as doing them. [...]
> http://wiki.43folders.com/index.php/GTD [...]
> GTD is quite popular and has been discussed on planet Debian several times
> together with the "Inbox Zero" principle... that's why I said "well-known".
> But you're right that I should have given more references.
> http://www.43folders.com/izero

I'm familiar with Inbox Zero and use similar practices myself, even
before I knew about it explicitly (thanks to the great gonzo again),
but it looks like Just Flippin' Do It has a *really* small threshold
under both systems there.  That's understandable, else we'd never get
out of our inboxes.

Is creating accounts really now a sub-two-minute task? If so, that's
great, but I believed there was still often a lot of multi-step
independent double-checking in that task.

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