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Re: Technical committee resolution

On Thu, 13 Mar 2008 14:37:46 +1000, Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> said: 

> On Tue, Mar 11, 2008 at 06:54:50PM +0000, Ian Jackson wrote:
>> And, just to make things personal, I submit that one of the problems
>> is AJ.

> Because, of course, making things personal is definitely what the
> technical committee is all about, and just generally a brilliant
> approach to solving problems.

        And yet,  further down, you respond in kind.[0]

>> AJ says that what is needed is `new blood'.  I suspect that part of
>> what he means is that he wants rid of me.

> I don't think the committee would be worse off without you; and I find
> it fundamentally disturbing that any of the founding members are still
> members ten years later. The same's true of Manoj (though I'm not sure
> if he joined when the committee was formed, or shortly after
> that). Even ftpmaster has changed significantly more than that over
> the same time period, for example.

        This I don't understand.  This seems like a blend of appeal to
 novelty and a personal vendetta; which makes me very uneasy about
 supporting the proposal. Of course, appeal to tradition is equally
 silly; and I am certainly not proposing that.

        When I championed the last injection of fresh blood into the
 ctte,  we also reduced the membership of the ctte; and the criteria we
 selected for removal was  participation, and thus contribution to the
 committee; and all the people thus removed were pinged, and were indeed
 in agreement.

        And oh, yes, I have been on the ctte since it was formed; though
 I was not initially on the draft short list of proposed members.

> I also think you're completely off the wall in many of your opinions,
> including your desire to have Debian ship a different md5sum compared
> to everyone else, to have further discussion about Sven's proposal for
> a libstdc++ udeb, and your latest obsession with taking dpkg back
> over, and I think you set an incredibly bad example in the way you
> deal with conflicts. I don't have much of a problem with that, though,
> because the committee is meant to be a group that makes decisions, and
> it's good to have people with different opinions and approaches in a
> group.

> It would certainly be possible to argue that you're the main problem
> with the committee -- you proposed it while DPL, you've been on it for
> its entire existance, and you chaired it for a good five years by my
> count: at the very least, you've had more of an opportunity to ensure
> it's functional than anyone else in the project, and thus are the
> individual who ought to be held most responsible for its
> dysfunctionality.

 0: This is what I mean.

> But even if you were to not only argue that but buy into it, there's
> still a structural problem that the tech ctte membership isn't
> answerable to anyone else, and the project doesn't have any influence
> over its membership.

        This is the first valid point I have seen in favour of the

> The reason I didn't raise this last year was because the only
> reasonable path to removing members seems to me to be oldest first,
> and I was pretty sure you'd take that personally; given you're
> decision to hijack dpkg over coding style preferences, I find I'm not
> so bothered by what you think anymore.

        Actually, basing removal on term of service seems to be the
 least logical of the replacement strategies;  since it care anught for
 performance, or value of the contribution, but seems to cater to
 novelty for novelties sake.

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