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Re: Ideas about a GR to fix the DAM

2007/11/21, Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org>:
> Your message has inspired me.  I'm sending this email to let you know that,
> since I see an open bug on the fortunes-de package, it's my conclusion that
> you need more help maintaining it, so Adam Conrad and I are working on an
> updated version that we will upload when it's ready.  BTW, the packaging
> will be redone using "tada", a reimplementation of yada in tcl which already
> solves this particular bug.  I don't imagine you'll have any problems with
> this choice since it's a perfectly good tool, but even if you do you're only
> a single person and there are two of us, so we're going to do it anyway, so
> your choices are to use it as a comaintainer or to step down and let us do
> what we want without you.

Great.  Would you ask for an alioth project where we can check in
those changes.  I'm not that keen on fortunes-de that I would not
happily share the "workload".

Well, even if your example is not really catchy I've got the idea.
But I admit I'm not convinced.

Kind regards



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