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Re: Ideas about a GR to fix the DAM

On Sat, Nov 17, 2007 at 06:48:56PM +0000, Anthony Towns wrote…
> … quite a lot of things that I won't quote for brevity.

  I agree fully that a jetring-based (or anything alike) approach would
be much appreciated. That would solve the fact that the debian-keyring
package is horribly outdated and many more things. I agree that many
things you describe in your structural changes _are_ appealing. I also
believe that what you propose is quite right, and definitely the good
way to do things.

  Though, you skip a tiny little detail: how do you will make this real?
Not technically, I believe all those things you describe are technically
trivial. I mean socially. We have the current issue that:

  1. James doesn't feel he is a delegate, because he predates the
     constitution (it awfully sounds like a “the rules convenientely
     only apply to others” btw).

  2. James doesn't trust Joerg, and I believe doesn't trust a lot of
     people to be up to the task, so he will likely reject many of the
     proposals that will be made to him about this issue.

  3. We had a discussion at Debconf8 with James about NM, and he didn't
     thought he was doing a bad job, he doesn't _think_ he is a
     bottleneck.  And at the time he was kind of right, only 2 NMs were
     waiting for him or sth like that, Joerg was the complete blocker
     (and it has been true until sth like 2 weeks ago or so), so he was
     rejecting the delays on the “over-administrative-thing” NM has
     become since he created the concept (at the time it was a
     James-phone-call-at-home, no surprise the current form is quite a
     shock to him), and on Joerg.

     Note that I believe this is unfair, Joerg and James have _both_
     been major blockers in the NM queue.  And like always when 2 people
     are overloaded, they aren't at the same time, so it's likely that
     every NM has to wait on _both_.  What I see is that each one is
     rejecting the issue on the other.  And that nobody dares to tell
     this truth: none of them is up to the task 100% of the year.  And
     we do need to accept new contributors on a regular basis.

  4. At least the 3 last DPL, plus now sam tried to address that, and
     well, I'm not sure it's even moving in any direction right now.

  So the real question is, how do we overcome those issues, those
_social_ issues ? jetring isn't going to fix that. Meanwhile we are
driving excellent contributors crazy, and it kills me.
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