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Re: Ideas about a GR to fix the DAM

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On 20-11-2007 20:58, Anthony Towns wrote:
> The point of this thread, according to the original mail was:
>   "My Idea would be to give Joerg Jaspert full access to the LDAP and
>    to the keyring, exactly as James Troup has now. [...] Additionally
>    I think there should be 2 more people added to the DAM which will be
>    able to DAM approve the applicants."
> The infrastructure for maintaining the keyring does not support multiple
> maintainers, so the only option we currently have is to replace the
> maintainer not add co-maintainers. And we already have multiple people
> with access to change LDAP -- that isn't the problem.
> As I've said earlier -- last I heard, which was when I was talking to
> James and Joerg as DPL at the start of this year -- there weren't any
> candidates for additional DAMs. So far, I haven't seen any indication
> that's changed.


	Considering that this is probably a "language misunderstanding"
from a non-native speaker (myself), when you say "there weren't any
candidates for additional DAMs" that means (from what you heard, of

a) DAMs don't think there is somebody ready/prepared to join DAM team

b) Nobody volunteered (or showed interested) in join DAM team

c) People volunteered but they are not ready/prepared to join DAM team

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