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Re: On the "Debian Maintainers" GR


On Sunday 29 July 2007 15:00, Andreas Barth wrote:
> I don't disagree to this statement. But it seems to me that the way
> Joerg proposed fits way better within this goal than the current
> proposal. (Because it is way more natural to just make it part of the NM
> process.)

I read Joergs mail after writing mine :)

What I dislike/d about Joergs proposal are two things: 1.) not becoming a DD 
but "only" becoming DM is a "hack" in his proposal (the very last paragraph 
of his mail) and 2.) it's just a proposal, no call for seconds ;-)

So I'm still thinking of voting "yes" to Anthonys proposal, as we can always 
change that later again.


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