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Re: Limited upload rights for NMs GR Proposal

On Mon, Jul 09, 2007 at 08:33:20PM +0200, Bastian Venthur wrote:
>   * confirmed that the New Maintainer successfully passed the ID-, T&S-
>     and P&P check

  I think this is the wrong time. My opinion of current T&S is that it's
completely on crack, I mean, okay, if one is going to package a library,
he will have to learn what it means. But how many people are indeed
packaging libraries ? Not _that_ many. I won't never ever touch a perl
package, and am unlikely to package a ruby extension. Another DD will
never ever touch emacs or python. and so on.

  Current T&S is about knowing too much. IMHO T&S should be revamped
that way: the NM should just do regular maintainer job, and use DM
rights to be able to upload packages, under the watch of his AM (who
would have to be notified each time his NM uploads things). A regular
work of his NM, watched carefully, is a better T&S that what is done
right now.

  IMHO, a DM-like restricted-rights keyring could and should be used
just after P&P has been validated. Then the AM would review packages,
make the NM fix the most important things (if needed), and once done and
properly sponsor-ed, give them uploads rights. Package after package.
Once the AM feels the NM is doing a proper job, he can validate T&S, and
submit an AM report.

  *That* would be a great enhancement of NM, and bring back some appeal
in that sorry queue. I do care a lot more about people that indeed
intend to help the community, than people that care about a pet package.
Pet packages are the plague of Debian, I'm not really gonna support
something that is going in that direction.

  So I'd gladly support/second a proposal in that direction. But like
said, your current one is too shy, and almost worthless as it's a
workaround for DAM delays, and not really a valuable improvement of
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