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Re: Limited upload rights for NMs GR Proposal


On Mon, 09 Jul 2007, Nico Golde wrote:
> > This feels to me like solving the wrong problem.  If the person really is
> > ready to become a DD, it would be better to find ways of addressing the
> > time lag before that process is complete.  If there are meaningful final
> > checks, this to an extent bypasses them, which is a little strange.  And
> > I'm also worried that it will leave a bunch of people stalled in this
> > limbo for even longer since their upload rights are "good enough" and we
> > lose motivation to finish fully integrating them into the project.
> If that would be the case it would be really a shame for the 
> Debian project since the process doesnt really influences 
> DAM work does it? Think about the opposite, maybe an 
> applicant gets processed faster because people saw that he 
> knows what he is doing with his own uploads.

I agree with Russ. This proposal is not bringing anything new in the
project. It just works around the delay of DAM.

Your really need to give DM rights on a package basis after a limited T&S
which indicate that you're skilled for the package that you plan on
maintaining. Otherwise you're not letting people contribute sooner.

Raphaël Hertzog

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