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Re: Debian Maintainers GR Proposal - Use Cases


* Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> [070626 13:51]:
> There are about 2100 unique email address in the Maintainer: and
> Uploaders: field in the unstable Sources files. That counts mailing
> lists and potentially multiple alternate addresses for DDs as well as
> non-DD maintainers of course.

I tried to filter multiple email adress with an ugly pipe cascade [1]. We have
2016 different package maintainers in sid.  1815 if you don't count
email adressed containing "list" [2].

So even while filtering generously, there seems to be a lot of non-DD
maintainers... who would have guessed ;)

Yours sincerely,

1: grep "@" Sources|cut -d: -f2|sed -e "s/, /\n/g"|sed -e "s/^\ //"|cut -d"<" -f1|sort|uniq|wc -l
2: grep "@" Sources|cut -d: -f2|sed -e "s/, /\n/g"|sed -e "s/^\ //"|grep -v "list"|cut -d"<" -f1|sort|uniq|wc -l

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