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Re: Debian Maintainers GR Proposal - Use Cases

On Monday 25 June 2007, Anthony Towns wrote:
> == Sponsored Maintainers =====
> For packages that're maintained by non-DDs on an ongoing basis via
> sponsored uploads, DM status provides the sponsor with the opportunity
> to change the upload priveleges from "default-deny" to "default-allow"
> once they are suitably confident that the maintainer is competent and
> not malicious, and for the package to be co-maintained by the sponsor and
> non-DD as a team. The particular benefits are: the ability for the non-DD
> maintainer to make uploads to correct bugs immediately without having
> to sync with their sponsor, the ability for the non-DD to gain further
> experience with Debian that would otherwise be difficult to obtain and
> potentially to be inspired to become a DD, and less load on the sponsor
> freeing up more time for other Debian-related tasks, such as higher-level
> mentoring with the non-DD maintainer or work on other packages.
> Authorised by: Sponsor
> Notes: package should generally be co-maintained by sponsor and non-DD
>   maintainer, with the non-DD maintainer doing most of the work

Do we have any numbers on how many non-DD maintainers we have? I'm part of 
that group, but how large a group is this?
Cheers, cobaco (aka Bart Cornelis)

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