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Re: Debian Maintainers GR Proposal

Benjamin BAYART wrote:
> Raphael did kindly give me a pointer to your running discussions, which
> is of interest for me, since I'm one of the potential "DM" in a near
> future, and I wanted to give my point of view on that topic, and to give
> a few comments on the text.

Thanks for your mail.

> As a free software user/developper, I want to fix my system, since I'm
> able to do that. As a nice man, I'd like to provide the fix.
> But I have no time to become a whatever developper, or regular
> contributor, and to involve in a long and time consuming process. I
> know points to be improved in Debian, in the aspect which is of interest
> for me. There are two ways to do that:
> - I make my own custom package that fix the bug (or add required
>   software), I use it, I make it available to my friends on my web
>   site, and that's all;
> - I try to make it available in Debian.

I assume that this refers to different packages at different times.

I interpret this so that you don't want to become the maintainer
of a particular package but instead be able to fix various stuff
that broke.

Is that correct?

> I've discussed that with quite some DD and NM: I do not want to be a NM,
> since I do not want to become a DD. There is no DD available to work on
> the packages I need. I am ready to contribute the technical stuff needed
> in Debian, no more, no less. I am ready to learn better the rules on
> "how to package", but I'm not ready to spend time on the Debian project
> by itself. It is interesting, but I already have my own crusades, I
> cannot assume one more heavy involvement.
> During my discussions with DDs, I found there is currently no solution
> for me to help: I can send the bud report, with the patch, then it will
> keep sleeping in BTS for years, and the package will be dropped...
> because I reported the bug and those were not fixed!
> Have a look at bug 231275 on dvidvi:
> - I posted the patch in Feb 2004, fixing a severe problem on the soft
> - it was fixed in May 2005
> 15 months, while with DM, it would have been only few days...

No.  You won't be able to fix it unless you have become a DM with
exactly the dvidvi package and thus are allowed to upload a fixed
version.  Otherwise you aren't and need to go through senting a
patch and links to the BTS and/or sponsoring via a DD.

> So, right now, when I have troubles with Debian/TeX stuff, I tend to
> solve it on my computer, and just report nothing, since reporting is
> useless.

I disagree since when you report a bug and even contribute a patch
and add links to your own fixed packages other users can benefit from
your investigation as well -- given they find the bug report and the
patch/link included.



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