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Re: Debian Maintainers GR Proposal

Le Sat, Jun 23, 2007 at 08:58:53PM +0200, Joey Schulze:
> > for me. There are two ways to do that:
> > - I make my own custom package that fix the bug (or add required
> >   software), I use it, I make it available to my friends on my web
> >   site, and that's all;
> > - I try to make it available in Debian.
> I assume that this refers to different packages at different times.
> I interpret this so that you don't want to become the maintainer
> of a particular package but instead be able to fix various stuff
> that broke.
> Is that correct?

No, not exactly. When a package is properly maintained, I just send a
bug report, and it is used by the maintainer. But I also use some
packages with less maintainance. And when it happens there is nobody to
do the work, I'd prefere to do it myself, instead of leaving a bug in

> > Have a look at bug 231275 on dvidvi:
> > - I posted the patch in Feb 2004, fixing a severe problem on the soft
> > - it was fixed in May 2005
> > 
> > 15 months, while with DM, it would have been only few days...
> No.  You won't be able to fix it unless you have become a DM with
> exactly the dvidvi package and thus are allowed to upload a fixed
> version.  Otherwise you aren't and need to go through senting a
> patch and links to the BTS and/or sponsoring via a DD.

If we suppose that I'm already a DM for any other reason, I just need to
ask one (or two?) DDs to give me the permission to fix that given
package, and to maintain it in the future, correct?

> > So, right now, when I have troubles with Debian/TeX stuff, I tend to
> > solve it on my computer, and just report nothing, since reporting is
> > useless.
> I disagree since when you report a bug and even contribute a patch
> and add links to your own fixed packages other users can benefit from
> your investigation as well -- given they find the bug report and the
> patch/link included.

This is not what I learned from previous experiences. And I trust my
experience more than any theory. The exemple of dvidvi was quite a mess,
the package was a candidate for removal, and I did ask personaly to DDs
to give help in using my patch, cleaning the mess (Debian standards
evolved while the package did not), and to upload it.

So here was my practical conclusion: I did send a bug report, useless
during months, and that bug report was used to argue that the package is
broken and unkaintained and to remove it. Conclusion: reporting on a
un-maintained package is something dangerous.



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