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Re: Debian Maintainers GR Proposal

Thijs Kinkhorst <thijs@debian.org> writes:
> Then we maybe just disagree here: I think that someone who opposes to 
> Debian-the-community so much that they would want to explicitly disassociate 
> themselves from the entire project, is not someone I would want to grant 
> upload rights.

I personally do feel that there are two distinct parts. First, there
is the Debian archive, which is governed by our Social Contract.
Second, there is the social community, ie. mailing lists and IRC,
which isn't part of the SC. Now, if I don't like the direction the
social community is going, but still want to uphold the SC, should I
be able to somehow retain my upload rights without being part of the
social community?

I'm not saying that the right answer is "yes, I should". The social
community is just as big a part of the project as the technical part,
so saying "take both or none" is just as valid an answer.

> I see no reason to vote for a proposal that facilitates people who
> explicitly denounce Debian to be granted rights to the same Debian.

My personal opinion back then was more ot denounce the direction of
the social community, not Debian as a Linux distribution. I feel these
two are different.

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