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Re: Debian Maintainers GR Proposal

Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org> wrote: [...]
> Don't expect to make the NM system evolve if you can't be bothered to
> get implicated however (usual free software rule).

No no no - usual free software rule would allow creating a new
implementation and replacing or working around the broken-design one,
fixing the broken design from outside.

If, as the above suggests, the NM team are not receptive to ideas from
people who won't take part in the current broken design, then let's
implement DM and start fixing NM from outside.

I can be bothered, but I really believe the NM system would be a waste
of my time, a waste of NMs' time and not a good entry control to
debian, so I don't want to help it continue in its current form. The
main things tested by NM now seem to be tolerance of boredom, stupid
questions and poor social skills of DDs, along with the ability to
paraphrase from key docs, which are not really key indicators of who
will be a good DD.

I think my sponsorship of zobel, damog, eriks, ianb and many others
has been more helpful to debian than working within today's broken NM
system. I welcome DM as giving me something less soul-destroying than
NM to offer maintainers as a productive next step towards DDship.

> > Now we're another year on, NMs are still often given make-work tasks,
> > still seem to wait arbitrary lengths of time, still rely for too much
> > on one AM for far too long and restart with a new AM in case of
> > problems (if they are lucky).
> We had some AM replacements recently. We're improving on that front. Myon
> just need to get some more confidence in doing that and saying to some AM
> that they have not been very good, that they should concentrate on
> something else in Debian.

Replacing AMs doesn't stop the process depending too much on one
Application Manager for too long.  AMs are misnamed.  They are not
simply managing the applications - they are training and assessing
too, which should be done by other people, in part or entirely, to
spread workload, give a rounded training and reduce corruption
opportunities.  Many people who would be happy to get involved in the
current NM are not going to be good educators.

The involvement in a key role like AM Manager of someone who posts bad
medical advice to troubled people doesn't improve my opinion of NM

Hope that explains,
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