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Re: Debian Maintainers GR Proposal

Pierre Habouzit wrote:
>   Another question I have is that basically, I don't grok why it's
> harder to give DM's uploads rights, than NM's an account.

DD implies an account on ~20 machines.  Having only upload rights
does not imply this and the outcome of a fuckup in a .deb will
only cause an incident on these machines ~2 years later when the
distribution has become stable.

>   Well, basically I quite concur with Bastian on the fact that it'll
> likely hide some current problem, and prevent us from fixing them. Is
> there _that_ many people around there that need upload rights _and_
> don't care about voting rights, reading -private, and so on ? I'm
> worried with this kind of second class developers thing. I mean, as a
> staging area maybe, but I don't like the fact that people could stay in
> it for basically, forever.

Regarding some sort of staging area, it may be worth to consider
introducing upload permission to a NM who is in a certain stage of
the process, maintains >= 1 package in the archive and when such
a permission has been requested from their AM?



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