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Re: Question for Sam Hocevar

On Sat, Mar 03, 2007, Stephen Gran wrote:

> > > On a similar note, I find it a bit jarring that you find the GNAA an
> > > acceptable group to work with.  You appear to be directly associated with
> > > http://www.lastmeasure.com/, and many of the svn check ins are from a
> > > person named 'sam', who I assume must be you.  While the pictures are
> > > the usual juvenile silliness, the name is actually fairly offensive.
> > > Is this just a linguistic problem, or do you actually find it acceptable
> > > to insult people this way?  Is this sort of racism something you find
> > > acceptable for the role of DPL?
> > 
> >    Maybe it is just a linguistic problem. Is it "last" that you find
> > offensive or is it "measure"?
> Was that a purposeful attempt to dodge the GNAA question, or did you not
> understand the question?

   Maybe I don't understand the question. You seem to be asking me
whether I find acceptable for the role of DPL the "racism" of an
organisation I am not even a part of. And your e-mail seems to me to go
as far as suggesting I am racist (I am not). How is it relevant?


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