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Re: Question for Sam Hocevar


On Sat, 03 Mar 2007, Stephen Gran wrote:
> >    Maybe it is just a linguistic problem. Is it "last" that you find
> > offensive or is it "measure"?
> Was that a purposeful attempt to dodge the GNAA question, or did you not
> understand the question?

I think your question is somehow irrelevant. I've never seen sam's
involvment in GNAA related stuff change anything wrt his Debian

We don't ask every candidates their religions, beliefs or their criminal

If you want to take this into account when voting, please do so, but I
don't see the need to bring it up here, at least not as a question. I can
understand that you want to share your discoveries so that other voters
are aware of this, but that's about it, it shouldn't go further.


PS: I'm not affiliated to any GNAA activities, and I can't stand the view
of some pictures linked from that site for more than a second.
Raphaël Hertzog

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