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Re: Questions to all candidates: Release importance, release blockers, release quality

On 2/26/07, Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt <he@ftwca.de> wrote:

I would be happy to hear answers from all candidates to these questions,
but I expect that they are at least partially answered by the
platforms. Please simply point to them if you included an answer there,
even if they are not online yet.

Hi Marc,

That's good to see some questions coming from you.

So, to the questions:

* How important are regular releases for the project?

They're important, but i'm confident that with some more cooperation
between core teams and others developers, the RM team can do a even
better job. I see regular releases as a result on how well these
blocks work together and how much they work.

* How important are regular stable point releases for the project?

They're critical in a world where we've regular releases and even more
needed in a world we've no regular releases. We've great tools to turn
it easier to follow the stable updates, but our users demand a
reference: The point releases.

* Should we fix up dak to allow point-releases for old-stable?

I don't really think it's critical, in my humble developer and user
POV, but if elected, be sure that i won't disagree if anybody come in
and contribute with the fix. There are different point of views and if
it don't add more load on people that doesn't want to work on
point-releases for old-stable, we will just need volunteers that want
to take the task and actually really do it.

* Could you list the issues that you think delayed the release of etch?
  Do you think that we need to restructure the release process for lenny
  to avoid these? If yes, how?

Basically, lack of communication between some core teams and between
some core teams and others DDs; dunc-* discussions and our release
process itself, that isn't totally wrong, but we can improve IMHO.
How? Please read below.

* Do you think that a release of high quality is more important than a
  timely release? [ie: Should we switch from "when it's ready" to "when
  we said we would release"]

Since we depend a lot on software coming outside Debian in terms of
quality and timely release, i would like to see a goal based release
schedule considering time and some key upstream projects. It will be
better explained in my platform, i hope you like it.

Thanks for your questions, i'll add them and my answers on my campaign page, ok?

-- stratus

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