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Re: BREAKING NEWS: Debian developers aren't trusted


> Maintaining a buildd isn't trivial, there's:
>     - making sure they don't get rooted, and their builds compromised
>     - keeping the chroot up to date
>     - keeping in sync with w-b / sbuild changes
>     - keeping in sync with the infrastructure upstream (building from incoming,
>       access to the buildd.d.o, etc)
>     - keeping the hardware available and running
>     - keeping the buildd building packages that will work
> It's not /that/ hard either (even if it's not something I could do without
> a chunk of learning), but basically, yeah there are technical constraints.
> The only policy constraint is that we're aiming to keep the number of
> buildds limited to two or three per architecture (where possible); the
> social constraints are mostly about convincingly demonstrating that the
> technical constraints will be met on an ongoing basis.

i think someone running more than one autobuilder for more than _two_
years now (okay, not for the officical archive, but i see that as
nonrelevant here) demonstrats very good that he mets your mentioned
technical constraints.

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