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Re: [GR] DD should be allowed to perform binary-only uploads

On Fri, Feb 09, 2007, Loïc Minier wrote:

>  I am not sure you got my last two arguments, or you're distorting them
>  here: I'm not discussing the current or best upload rights, I would
>  certainly prefer it if everybody could upload arm binaries; what I'm
>  pointing at is that this GR might completely revoke any right of the
>  ftpmasters to block some uploads (for example by a particular person or
>  at a particular time).

   I do not see how. The GR only states that developers _already allowed
to do src+bin uploads_ should be allowed to do binonly uploads. It neither
conflicts with blocking uploads by a particular person nor at a particular

>  I am not sure removing all these rights was the point of the GR.

   No one has said it was, and it isn't.

>    I'm not even sure global revoking of uploads rights doesn't make
>  sense in some occasions; for example imagine the ftpmasters want to
>  reject all uploads during a major upgrade of dak, or when moving the
>  archive's master, would they still be able to do so after this GR?

   Again, if they want to reject _all_ uploads, it doesn't conflict with
the spirit of the GR.

   Besides, rejecting uploads for a dak upgrade or an archive move?
Come on.

>  I am sure you did witness the ftp upload queue has been shutdown
>  completely at multiple times and for various occasions.

   Yes. Again, "completely". And a shutdown doesn't necessarily mean
automatic reject.

> > >  it sounds pointless to discuss what rights remain to them.
> >    I could not agree more: discussion has shown to be pointless indeed,
> > hence the GR. Or so I guess.
>  So, a pointless discussion in response to a pointless discussion?  An
>  eye for an eye...

   Each time the subject has been brought, it died without any action or
response from interrogations. The wording of the GR is far from perfect,
I'm still not sure it was wise to second it in its current form, but
at least it allows for some group decision-making and the "let's hide
until no one cares to ask questions any longer" strategy is slightly
less successful.

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