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Re: Proposal to delay the decition of the DPL of the withdrawal of the Package Policy Committee delegation

On Fri, Oct 27, 2006 at 01:42:36PM -0500, Peter Samuelson wrote:

> [Martin Zobel-Helas]

>> I don't see the reason here to reduce the time of the voting
>> period. I understand "immediate vote" as per constitution as
>> "voting without prior discussion period".

>> Please give a reasonable argument, why the voting period for this
>> GR should be reduced to one week.

> I don't see why AJ would have to justify this decision.

Because he holds a mandate given to him by the DDs? Hold a mandate ->
explain your decisions made under that mandate to the electorate. No?

(I, for one, would consider "to get a speedy decision, in one
direction or the other" sufficient justification.)


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