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Re: [PROPOSAL] Final consensual proposal for the problematic firmware issue in the linux kernel sources.

On Sun, 15 Oct 2006, Sven Luther wrote:
> Well, we all know it is sourceless GPLed firmware, and we chose just
> to say the contrary, because it is convenient to us.

If we know[1] a work is a sourceless GPLed work, then we cannot
distribute it *at* *all*. Doing otherwise is wholly inappropriate, GR
or no GR, and opens up us and our mirror operators to a whole scope of
liability that they should not be facing.

Don Armstrong

1: We can argue about whether we actually "know" or "suspect" or
"feel", but once it's clear, there's no other choice. I'd personally
argue to be on the cautious side unless a copyright holder tells us
that we're distributing what they actually use the modify the work,
but that's just because I want Debian to continue to exist even in the
face of insane copyright holders.
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