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Re: Summary? (Or: my vote is for sale!)

Kevin B. McCarty <kmccarty@Princeton.EDU> wrote: [...]
> As I understand what's going on, instead of having a single vote with
> all the firmware-related options laid out on the ballot, we are
> apparently going to have a series of votes about related topics (GR
> 2006/004 being the first) with only the option to vote in favor or for
> further discussion.  This defeats the whole point of Condorcet voting -
> instead of being able to rank the various proposed actions, voters will
> have to say Yea or Nay (well, Further Discussion) on each item.

I feel the same.  I have sympathy for the secretary's plight, though:
there have been a lot of related proposals which should have been
phrased as narrow amendments to the original proposal (now withdrawn)
but have been put forwards as independent proposals, either clearly
or by style.  Also, the near-continuous stream of waffly new proposals
and strangely-behaving seconders keeps resetting the minimum discussion

If these weren't taken to the vote as independent proposals when they
share no text, it's possible they would be filibustered forever.  If
we want something more likely to find a compromise than a sequence of
point votes, the secretary needs some help from proposers and seconders.

Please, proposers:
1. Follow the conventions stated in
2. Further, leave your rationale out of the voted text, to maximise its
   support and reduce possibility of error.
3. Present related options as clear amendments if at all possible, and
   not 'replace the whole text with ...' ones.

and one for vote-callers and the secretary:

4. Please can we have ballots which list the original proposal, each
   amendment, then list all non-conflicting combinations, such as:
   -----  Firmware resolution with no amendments is withdrawn
   [   ]  Firmware resolution with amendment A (etch exception)
   [   ]  Firmware resolution with amendment B (only distributables)
   [   ]  Firmware resolution with amendment C (all firmware)
   [   ]  Firmware resolution with amendments A and B
   [   ]  Firmware resolution with amendments A and C
   -----  Amendments B and C conflict
   -----  Amendments A, B and C conflict
   [   ]  Further discussion
(where amendments B and C conflict.)

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