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Summary? (Or: my vote is for sale!)


With the first (?) CfV out now about non-free kernel firmwares:

I'm not going to vote, sorry.  I don't have the time to wade through tons of 
mailing list archives, of which 1/3 is repetitions of previously made 
statements, 1/3 is presumably flames or close to it, and 1/3 is trivial 
corrections, with the few substantial arguments scattered in it...

In short: did anybody do a reasonably balanced and concise writeup about 
what is going on on the firmware front regarding
 - what are the important arguments and counter-arguments?
 - who supports which options?

(and no, this shouldn't just describe the GR which is in CfV state now, but 
the others floating around, too.)

About the "my vote is on sale" bit: I sell my vote against such a summary.  
Meaning: If I am satisfied by the summary I will vote how I think best.  
Otherwise, I don't intend to vote.  I might be biased towards what 
kernel/installer/release team members think, because I assume there is a 
bigger likelihood that such a decision will actually be followed by action.

-- vbi

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